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street-fighter-ii-thumbnailStreet Fighter II jet-set-radio-thumbnailJet Set Radio metroid-prime-thumbnailMetroid Prime shenmue-thumbnailShenmue super-mario-kart-thumbnailSuper Mario Kart mega-manMega Man f-zero-x-thumbnailF-Zero X
super-mario-64-thumbnailSuper Mario 64 quake-thumbnailQuake pikminPikmin sonic-the-hedgehog-thumbnailSonic the Hedgehog soul-reaver-thumbnailLegacy of Kain: Soul Reaver sid-meiers-civilization-thumbnailSid Meier’s Civilization spiral-knights-thumbnailSpiral Knights
final-fantasy-vi-000001-thumbnailFinal Fantasy VI bayonetta-000000-thumbnailBayonetta gunvalkyrie-000001-thumbnailGunValkyrie panzer-dragoon-orta-000000-thumbnailPanzer Dragoon Orta blast-corps-000000-thumbnailBlast Corps donkey-kong-country-tropical-freeze-000001-thumbnailDonkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze final-fantasy-tactics-advance-000001-formattedFinal Fantasy Tactics Advance
simcity-3000-000000-thumbnailSimCity 3000 worms-armageddon-000001-thumbnailWorms Armageddon root-beer-tapper-000000-thumbnailRoot Beer Tapper super-smash-bros-melee-000000-thumbnailSuper Smash Bros. Melee gunstar-heroes-000000-thumbnailGunstar Heroes blaster-master-000000-thumbnailBlaster Master super-metroid-000000-thumbnailSuper Metroid
wizards-and-warriors-000000-thumbnailWizards & Warriors chopper-commando-000000-thumbnailChopper Commando final-fantasy-iv-000000-thumbnailFinal Fantasy IV the-legend-of-zelda-000006-thumbnailThe Legend of Zelda quake-ii-000000-thumbnailQuake II castlevania-ii-simons-quest-000000-thumbnailCastlevania II: Simon’s Quest shadowrun-000000-thumbnailShadowrun
gargoyles-quest-000002-thumbnailGargoyle’s Quest advance-wars-000000-thumbnailAdvance Wars eye-of-the-beholder-000000-thumbnailEye of the Beholder shinobi-000000-formattedShinobi super-monkey-ball-2-000000-thumbnailSuper Monkey Ball 2 zombies-ate-my-neighbors-000005-thumbnailZombies Ate My Neighbors yoshis-island-000002-thumbnailYoshi’s Island
Mega Man X The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim logo [Thumbnail]The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim id Software's "Doom" video game cover. [Thumbnail]DOOM

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Deep Pockets, Deep State

The text "Facebook Sucks" with a thumbs-down graphic. [Formatted]

Facebook sucks. Twitter sucks. Google sucks. Apple sucks.

China sucks.

Censorship REALLY sucks!

There is actually maximum suckage going on in each of these places, and they have much more in common with one another than just censorship. To make any sort of contrariwise claim that Big Tech isn’t nice and cozy with China is just silly. When you hurt China, you hurt Big Tech, and vice versa.

For these reasons and others, I will continue to outwardly support any person or persons who are working to prohibit censorship and remedy such prolific suckage!

(NOTE: Wanting to decrease the amount of censorship and suckage in the world does not make me a racist.)

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