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Software Engineer • Redding, CA
2015 – Present

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General Manager • Redding, CA
2017 – Present


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Electrical Engineering and Computer Science • Berkeley, CA

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Living Center of Universe
Center of Universe, Universe
Redding, CA

Basic Information

Gender:                 Male
Favorite Color:         Blue (actually it's sometimes Green)
Favorite Holiday:       My birthday
Favorite Food:          Gourmet Burritos
Favorite Sport:         Baseball
Second Favorite Sport:  Association Football
Third Favorite Sport:   Not sure
Shoe Size:              10
Allergens:              None
Last Served Jury Duty:  August 2017
Smoke:                  No
Drink:                  Only when necessary
Rx Medications:         See "Drink" above
Hobbies:                Music, baseball, computing, reading,
                          writing, cooking, exercising, studying
Personal Qualities:     Good looking, intelligent, modest
Enjoys:                 Candle light dinners, long walks on the
                          beach, Smooth Jazz and culinary
Favorite Movie:         Divine Sisterhood of the Traveling
                          Ya-Ya Pants
Sense of Humor:         Yes
Height:                 1.828 m
Weight (regularly):     79.4 kg
Weight (in school):     65.8 kg
Hair Color:             Unfortunately not Blue or Green
Dimples?:               Of course!
Religion:               Facebook
Political Views:        Many
Party Affiliation:      Librarian
Birthday:               Should come more than once per year
Mother's Maiden Name:   What...?
Favorite Musical
  Genre:                TechnoAcidMathPsychedelicHardcoreGrungeFunk
Second Favorite
  Musical Genre:        Led Zeppelin
Baseball Positions:     Catcher, Outfield, Heckler
Musical Instruments:    Guitar, Voice, Flute, Harmonica, Kazoo
Favorite Celebrity:     Myself
Internet Handles:       ChadPhilip, Ghidra, Chadlyman
Nicknames:              The Wizard
No. of Family Members:  Too many
No. of Tattoos:         Same as the number of times I have been
                          to Disneyland
No. of Piercings:       See previous answer
No. of Lottery
  Tickets Purchased:    See previous answer
No. of Toes:            See previous answer and add 10
Personal Quote:         People who have personal quotes are silly
Goals in Life:          Lose 10 pounds
                        Someday drive a BMW
                        Own a timeshare in Hawaii
                        Play golf at least once a week
                        Join a successful Journey cover band
                        Go skydiving without a parachute


Relationship:           Saving myself for Teri Hatcher
Mood:                   Surly
Reading:                How to Make People Like You
                          by Stevie McStevens
                        How to Build a Better Website
                          by Geoff Jefferson
Playing:                Street Fighter II: Hyper Super
                          Turbo Champion Anniversary Edition
                        Left 4 Dead 4
                        Mouse Trap
Watching:               Giada at Home (Food Network)
                        The Kelly File (Fox News)
                        The Client List (Lifetime)
Listening to:           Devil Music
Drinking:               Fizzy Water
Blood Pressure:         110/66
Gonorrherpesyphilaids?: No
Vocabulary Word:        Vanity
Japanese Word:          にほん (Nihon)
Had for Lunch:          Wouldn't you like to know

Origins of ChadSpace

I created this website to parody a lot of the social networking hijinks afoot on Facebook, MySpace, and related websites. Another reason for its existence is that I wish to control my personal information and how it is made available to the world. Essentially, if there is something about me you uncover from another corner of the Internet and that information is not also on this website, it is something you should not know about. While this expectation is unrealistic and a far cry from how things really are, I feel it is important to point out that this is how things should be. As wonderful as the Internet is, it also happens to be chaos incarnate. If you don’t understand what I mean, try searching Google for personal details about yourself and then consider whether you would prefer that information to be private and not public knowledge, much of which also happens to be only a couple clicks away from billions of complete strangers.

That said, I hope you enjoy the site!  Oh, and if you are curious what the first attempt at ChadSpace looked like back in 2006, you can click here .  MySpace looks a lot different now, but some of you might remember this particularly embarrassing time in humanity.