Weapons Fly

.3 icon-external-link-12x12 icon-search-12x12 (track 08 from the In Absentia LP by Porcupine Tree icon-external-link-12x12 icon-search-12x12 )

Black the sky
Weapons fly
Lay them waste for your race

Poison for a Fairy

Veneno Para las Hadas icon-external-link-12x12 icon-search-12x12 (track 04 from the Insurgentes LP by Steven Wilson icon-external-link-12x12 icon-search-12x12 )

Steven Wilson's "Insurgentes" album cover. [Formatted]

When you’re young you’re sleeping with the love you’re feeling
Waking up to evening: to the pulse and breathing
Nothing left—just ember—only we remember
A bottle not for sharing: poison for a fairy

A Groan of Tedium Escapes Me

Group photo of the band Tool wearing old-fashioned clothes and striking poses. [Formatted]

Here are the runtimes for the non-noise tracks from Tool’s new Fear Inoculum album: 10:20, 11:53, 12:44, 13:37, 10:05, and 15:43. This means that the average song length is somewhere around 12 minutes and 24 seconds, which equates to the time needed for modern radio to play four complete songs. Another way of putting it is that these six Tool songs roughly translate to 24 Katy Perry or Blake Shelton songs.

I find it humorous that, when describing the album, many fans and critics are making statements along the lines of, “The songs don’t seem nearly as long as they really are!” This is a very peculiar sentence. I mean, what the hell does that even mean? It’s sort of like saying, “I was at the DMV for an hour and a half, but the door greeter was very sweet and made it feel like 20 mins.” Or, “I was sick to my stomach for four hours, but somebody brought me a ginger ale and then it seemed like only a fraction of that time.” Or maybe, “I dropped a bowling ball on my foot, but the cast they put on my leg was so great that it hurt for just three days afterwards!”

The point is, this is a statement a person would make to describe an experience where something unpleasant was happening, but there is a counteracting element that lessens the severity, or takes the edge off. In this case, six obscenely long and occasionally floundering songs somehow feel abbreviated, because… well… because it’s Tool! This is the band that made Opiate, Undertow, Ænima, and Lateralus!

As for Fear Inoculum, what’s the real verdict? Is it bad? No. Is it unremarkable? Yes—there really isn’t anything here that hasn’t been done better on the band’s previous albums. It hosts some nice sounds and textures, and never gets very rowdy. One of my close friends said it’s “pretty chill” and I will get on board with her assessment.

If they had churned this out 12 to 18 months after 2001’s Lateralus then there would be much to celebrate: it would be a triumphant exercise in writing and recording for a band that, even at the time, was notorious for taking too much time between recordings. However, it’s been a mind-blowing 13 YEARS since their last release and a staggering 18 YEARS since their last proper LP!

No dice, no pass… no fucking way.

Forever Resigned to Watching You Cry

About Love icon-external-link-12x12 icon-search-12x12 (track 07 from the Happy However After LP by Kindo icon-external-link-12x12 icon-search-12x12 )

The Reign of Kindo's "Happy However After" album cover. [Formatted]

Why can’t I sing a song about love?

To sing about something I know nothing of:
A kiss on the cheek
A touch of the hand
My knees feeling weak
My heart feeling grand

Why can’t I sing a song about love?

Perhaps I’m a dreamer that doesn’t wake up
I’m soaring through skies in a red paper cup
And I’m falling through trees with pillows for leaves
I might fall but I won’t skin my knees

And if I proclaim all the love that I have found perhaps I am frightened that it won’t stick around
But if I take courage and expose my heart, there’s nothing to keep us apart

Why can’t I sing..?

When our love is on the line, will my heart fall behind?
Forever resigned to watching you cry
I’d rather it be you than I

That’s why I can’t sing a song about love

Perhaps I’m a dreamer that doesn’t wake up
I’m soaring through skies in a red paper cup
And I’m falling through trees with pillows for leaves
I might fall but I won’t skin my knees