An Endless Coming-Back to the Start

Quest for Nothing icon-external-link-12x12 icon-search-12x12 (track 08 from the Synchro Anarchy LP by Voivod icon-external-link-12x12 icon-search-12x12 )

It is a race for another day
You have been driven all your life
There is no exit, no getting off

Always running from something
Since your birth, the chase is on
You are searching for a hideout

Where is this place called “liberty”?
When will I be satisfied?
What is this inhumanity, how freedom became a lie?

It feels like being thrown into orbit: an endless coming-back to the start
You are only passing by

It is a quest for nothing
Always a new beginning, until you find out it’s not

I want anti-gravity!

Busy day, overnight, rundown until you lie dead
The next day, overtime, until you pass out braindead

I don’t question
The are no reasons
I am an ant

I don’t refute, just execute
I am an ant

Get stressed out as you crawl, carry the weight till you’re knocked dead
Stumble, fall, now endure pressure until you’re crushed dead

In all and all, I am so small: a grain of sand
I am an ant

Settle down
Your face hits the ground, flat-dead

Have no fun
So worn out
Let’s get back to work, but still dead

In all and all, I am so small: a grain of sand
I am an ant

This one life is the only I have
This whole life, I wouldn’t give it away

Never want to go, never want to go
Never, no way
Never want to go, never want to go, but I will someday

Endlessly, I wish I could live for eternity
I’ll never die because I never want to go, never want to go
Never, no way

Become a Modulated Social Slave

Iconspiracy icon-external-link-12x12 icon-search-12x12 (track 04 from The Wake LP by Voivod icon-external-link-12x12 icon-search-12x12 )

In the desert of unknown tales are gold temples of a warrior race
From a secret vault of holy power is a magnified field-blasting tower

Psychotronic weapons are being used on you!
All of you!

You’ll never notice the effects of the waves, but soon enough it will leech into your brain
These frequencies will make you fit within a frame and become a modulated social slave

Aim for masses
Inner access

Deep inside an obscure tunnel, circling around an underground channel, is a Machiavellian accelerator
All controlled by the Lords of Terror

Psychotronic weapons are daily used on you!
Yes it’s true!

Interactions in your dreams while you sleep
Read information of your feelings and your needs
Tattoos of guides then you follow a rap sheet
You’ll never know for all of your life, eternally

Aim for masses
Inner access

Why such a coincidence?
No evidence, nor signs of a crime

Of course no one survived
Witness suicides
All proof is denied

An iconspiracy
Why can’t you see?
I’m blind but I foresee why

Everything is rigged from within
You will never win
You don’t decide

Another act of God triggered by satellite
Instant starvation and the world to divide
A new imposter got elected overnight, but the psychotron keeps us focused on our lives

Aim for masses
Inner access

The Tattoos On Your Skin Let You Be the One You’ve Never Been

After All icon-external-link-12x12 icon-search-12x12 (track 04 from the Katorz LP by Voivod icon-external-link-12x12 icon-search-12x12 )


Joey died and nothing has changed
The street corners are still the same
I guess he still lives in my head when it’s time to share the bread
I still got holes on my knees, but I won’t buy the figurine
It’s kind off sad to see you in a box, wrapped and sealed

Who cares after all about the rise and the fall?
It makes the papers for one day, but not for what you had to say

Who cares after all?
Another flyer on the wall
All the names have been washed out: all the ones we care about

Seen it
Been there
Done that

When I am mad—when I see red—I refer to what Iggy says:
“I want to find myself in you. You want to find yourself too.”

Who cares after all?
Win the race or drop the ball
If I make a silly face, is that really what it takes?

Who cares after all about the records on the wall?
The tattoos on your skin let you be the one you’ve never been

Seen it
Been there
Done that

Album Haul, October 2018 Edition

Somehow, I have purchased Michael Jackson’s Dangerous album at least three times in my life, and Bad, Thriller and Off the Wall at least twice. These are great albums, but this is the last time I will ever buy them (hopefully).

Alice in Chains
→ Rainier Fog

Alice in Chains' "Rainier Fog" album art. [Cropped/Formatted]

→ The Wake

Voivod's "The Wake" album art. [Cropped/Formatted]

Michael Jackson
→ Bad
→ Dangerous
→ Thriller
→ Off the Wall

A Perfect Circle
→ Eat the Elephant

A Perfect Circle's "Eat the Elephant" album cover. [Cropped/Formatted]