Become a Modulated Social Slave

Iconspiracy icon-external-link-12x12 icon-search-12x12 (track 04 from The Wake LP by Voivod icon-external-link-12x12 icon-search-12x12 )

In the desert of unknown tales are gold temples of a warrior race
From a secret vault of holy power is a magnified field-blasting tower

Psychotronic weapons are being used on you!
All of you!

You’ll never notice the effects of the waves, but soon enough it will leech into your brain
These frequencies will make you fit within a frame and become a modulated social slave

Aim for masses
Inner access

Deep inside an obscure tunnel, circling around an underground channel, is a Machiavellian accelerator
All controlled by the Lords of Terror

Psychotronic weapons are daily used on you!
Yes it’s true!

Interactions in your dreams while you sleep
Read information of your feelings and your needs
Tattoos of guides then you follow a rap sheet
You’ll never know for all of your life, eternally

Aim for masses
Inner access

Why such a coincidence?
No evidence, nor signs of a crime

Of course no one survived
Witness suicides
All proof is denied

An iconspiracy
Why can’t you see?
I’m blind but I foresee why

Everything is rigged from within
You will never win
You don’t decide

Another act of God triggered by satellite
Instant starvation and the world to divide
A new imposter got elected overnight, but the psychotron keeps us focused on our lives

Aim for masses
Inner access

Liberal Rhetoric Manufacturer

Yesterday, UC Berkeley posted a news article on its Berkeley News icon-external-link-12x12 website titled Berkeley Law dean: I signed letter against Kavanaugh ‘without hesitation’ icon-external-link-12x12. This occurred around the same time that the FBI reported that it had failed to substantiate claims of sexual assault/misconduct made against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, claims which were an attempt to interfere with and possibly derail his appointment to a lifetime seat on the supreme court.

Berkeley News graphic of article "Berkeley Law dean: I signed letter against Kavanaugh 'without hesitation'". [Formatted]

It’s hard to see how this is news. In fact, the only thing that’s even remotely remarkable about it is that somebody felt like this was news. A UC Berkeley law dean publicly stating her opposition to a republican supreme court appointee is like a stoner proclaiming to the world his profound affinity for Krispy Kreme donuts icon-external-link-12x12 icon-search-12x12—it’s just a declaration of the obvious and is silly and unnecessary.

It would be like if I posted a press release on ChadSpace with any of the following headlines:

  • Blogger Chad Philip Johnson finally updates site after almost two full months of preoccupation
  • Engineer at Anacronist Software espouses Linux and Open Source technologies
  • General Manager of Redding Ringtails announces team will play baseball and have fun next season
  • Progressive music aficionado Chad Philip Johnson buys new album “The Wake” by heavy metal band Voivod, hurts neck

You know what would be news? If a UC Berkeley law dean publicly stated her support for a republican supreme court judge nominee (and to be fair, let’s say it’s one with a less questionable history of hard drinking and reckless partying). It is impossible that this would ever happen though. Or if it somehow did happen, this make-believe person would certainly not be working at the university for much longer.