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Yesterday, UC Berkeley posted a news article on its Berkeley News icon-external-link-12x12 website titled Berkeley Law dean: I signed letter against Kavanaugh ‘without hesitation’ icon-external-link-12x12. This occurred around the same time that the FBI reported that it had failed to substantiate claims of sexual assault/misconduct made against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, claims which were an attempt to interfere with and possibly derail his appointment to a lifetime seat on the supreme court.

Berkeley News graphic of article "Berkeley Law dean: I signed letter against Kavanaugh 'without hesitation'". [Formatted]

It’s hard to see how this is news. In fact, the only thing that’s even remotely remarkable about it is that somebody felt like this was news. A UC Berkeley law dean publicly stating her opposition to a republican supreme court appointee is like a stoner proclaiming to the world his profound affinity for Krispy Kreme donuts icon-external-link-12x12 icon-search-12x12—it’s just a declaration of the obvious and is silly and unnecessary.

It would be like if I posted a press release on ChadSpace with any of the following headlines:

  • Blogger Chad Philip Johnson finally updates site after almost two full months of preoccupation
  • Engineer at Anacronist Software espouses Linux and Open Source technologies
  • General Manager of Redding Ringtails announces team will play baseball and have fun next season
  • Progressive music aficionado Chad Philip Johnson buys new album “The Wake” by heavy metal band Voivod, hurts neck

You know what would be news? If a UC Berkeley law dean publicly stated her support for a republican supreme court judge nominee (and to be fair, let’s say it’s one with a less questionable history of hard drinking and reckless partying). It is impossible that this would ever happen though. Or if it somehow did happen, this make-believe person would certainly not be working at the university for much longer.

Life Paradoxes and Modern Tragedies

One of the reasons this website exists is to help provide an extra amount of clarity and perspective in the Information Age we live in, where technology and social media have eradicated many important forms of personal identity and privacy, and done so over the course of only a handful of years. To put it a different way, ChadSpace reminds me that I’m truly one of a kind, and also serves as an online journal of sorts for others to enjoy my amazing and thought-provoking insights in ways that perhaps contribute to their own less-interesting ideas.

So here are two nuts that I just can’t keep squirreled away any longer:

01) Should I resolve to keep what I already have in my life intact, healthy and increasingly prosperous when it’s good, and when it’s enough, or should I march down the path of personal ambition and selfish change because that’s what the majority does? I have found that by doing the former, many people who were once a regular part of my life are somehow becoming more distant—people who I wish could slow down and readily acknowledge the treasures that are right in front of them. Yet, when I do the latter, I have discovered that I oftentimes create new avenues for these people to reassert their presences in my life, and simultaneously meet new friends while realizing my own untapped potentials. And while this seems like the obvious choice, the net disharmony in the world increases whenever a person shuns or abandons something that works and is positive for an opportunity to gain something more.

02) Why is it that Facebook and YouTube get so much money for being the most popular public landfills on the Internet? Facebook is a lot like the garbage truck that comes once a week, taking all of your empty milk jugs and coffee grinds, and YouTube is like the city dump that only accepts large items, like old refrigerators, microwave ovens, and rusted-out car engines. This sometimes makes me wonder how much capital and technical resources in Silicon Valley are committed to ensuring the successful revisitation of a shitty eight-year-old meme, and on-demand viewing of some asshat playing a really bad version of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony on a cheap ukelele.

ChadSpace… the Gift that Keeps on Giving!

Only a small handful of people have ever openly talked to me about this peculiar little website of mine. Interestingly (and perhaps unsurprisingly) these limited few do not include most of my friends and family members. Once in a blue moon a fun conversation comes about that wouldn’t have happened otherwise, but most of the time ChadSpace is resigned to being a transparent elephant in the room—and if it’s not there already, someday it will be. I suppose this is natural though: we have so many of these invisible beasts following us around in our day-to-day lives anyway… what’s one more?

I have gotten a few gifts IRL from people who quietly peruse the site and were brave enough to admit their enthusiasm for it, such as this box of Malt-O-Meal and package of Pilot 0.38mm black-ink pens!


This made me wonder: what kinds of gifts might I be able to generate through ChadSpace that would never exist otherwise? So I figured it was only natural for me to compile a list of some of the things that should be gifted or transacted to me in the coming days/weeks/months/years:

  • Smilebit brand + related IP and development assets
  • Controlling interest in Sega Games Co., Ltd.
  • Minority interest in Rare
  • Looney Tunes
  • Ogre Battle IP and development assets
  • Jackson/Charvel Guitars
  • Randall Amplification
  • Shadowrun IP
  • Thin Lizzy master recordings
  • Legacy of Kain IP and development assets

I would have listed more, but I don’t want to come across as seeming unreasonable. I figure that this will serve as a good starting point though, as there is still quite a bit of work left to do.

ChadSpace is Live

So the main parts of the site are all in place.  Here is my solution to the social networking dilemma, although I think most people are enjoying themselves so much with Facebook and MySpace that it would be impossible for them to view those “services” as anything remotely resembling any kind of problem.

There is not much more for me to add to the site.  I may upload scans of my exams from the last few years when I have the equipment to do so.  Also, I will try to include anything else that helps communicate the staggering and frequently unreasonable amount of work that goes along with studying Engineering and Computer Science through conventional channels.  Pages for additional classes will be added as they are completed and new academic experiences will be shared when I deem it appropriate, or even necessary, to do so.

This is now my official presence on the web, which automatically makes it one of the more important websites you will ever visit in your life.  I should also add that if something does not appear here or if it’s not somehow endorsed by this site, then chances are pretty good that it’s not me!