Repetitive Redundancies

On Facebook, it is possible to have a dedicated page for a baseball team. It is also possible to have a private group for the players of said team. These exist as two separate entities until the dedicated page is made to be an administrator of the private group—at this point they become linked together.

Confusing? Yes. Apparently it is confusing to Facebook as well. When the page and the group share the same name, goofy things like this start to happen:

"Redding Ringtails Baseball Club made Redding Ringtails Baseball Club an admin of the group Redding Ringtails Baseball Club," brought to you by Redding Ringtails Baseball Club.

To translate, this is Facebook sending out an announcement to all members of the group Redding Ringtails Baseball Club that Redding Ringtails Baseball Club the group made Redding Ringtails Baseball Club the site an administrator of Redding Ringtails Baseball Club the group.

If one our players hadn’t “liked” the posting then I never would have noticed that Facebook was capable of such silliness. (Having a keen sense of humor is an unspoken requirement in becoming an official member of this team.)

Friends with Facebook

Facebook recently asked me if I think that it cares about me:

This isn’t weird at all.

Maybe I’m supposed to say that it would be better if we were just friends? Wait… that can’t be right—friends with Facebook..? Is this some sort of screwy social networking joke?

Data Harvesting, Lesson 1


If you’re ever curious what goes into computer security, take a glimpse at Facebook’s privacy messages in the off-chance that they happen to appear. Make sense? Kudos to you for at least making the attempt. If they don’t—which is usually the case for the small number of people who actually try—consider talking to your local trustworthy IT person. What’s that? You don’t have a local IT person whom you can trust? Okay… now you are starting to understand the current state things.

Facebook, In a Nutshell…


This jocularly-captioned image by the popular Facebook user and “public figure” Shitheadsteve icon-external-link-12x12 is just one of millions uploaded to the popular social networking site every day.