Game Developer Confessions, Part 03: Behold! the Micro-NOC

Introducing the new Micro-NOC! Intel NUC7PJYH1 VM hosts, Intel NUC5PPYH web and game servers, Cisco managed Layer 2 switches, Synology NAS devices, SonicWall firewalls… and Linux, Linux and more Linux! (Batteries not included.)

You might be asking, what does this have to do with game development? Bedrock: cultivated workflow, scalable infrastructure, security, devops and—most importantly—sustainable technologies. Oh yeah… and all subdomains and servers are named after planets and characters in Metroid (respectively), which is fucking rad.

A Rather Sharp Distinction Between Administration and Software Development

Excerpt from the book Unix and Linux System Administration Handbook icon-external-link-12x12 icon-search-12x12 by Evi Nemeth icon-external-link-12x12 icon-search-12x12, Garth Snyder icon-external-link-12x12 icon-search-12x12, Trent R. Hein icon-external-link-12x12 icon-search-12x12, and Ben Whaley icon-external-link-12x12 icon-search-12x12

Book cove for "Unix and Linux System Administration Handbook" by Nemeth et al. [Formatted]

The Wikipedia page for “system administrator” includes a nice discussion of the tasks that system administration is generally thought to include. This page currently draws a rather sharp distinction between administration and software development, but in our experience, professional administrators spend much of their time writing scripts. That doesn’t make system administrators developers per se, but it does mean that they need many of the same analytical and architectural skills.